Hind Hakki, previously known as Double H, is a woman with a strong personality and loads of charisma. She lives a passionate life and has a contagious drive for music. Soul-full Hiphop, R&B, Reggae and Moroccan influences are the ingredients for her compositions. Raised in Tilburg with her Moroccan roots these two worlds create the perfect blend for Hind Hakki’s sound. As the First Female MC graduated of the Fontys Rock Academy in Tilburg, she continued to work on her talent. With an enormous arsenal Feat of arms, successful shows in a variety of large pop venues, international performances and several music videos, she is presenting her new repertoire. In her new repertoire, she blends the “Raw power” of Hip-hop, the “Good Vibes” of Reggae, the melancholia and passion of Soul with Moroccan influences. The mix of electronic music and the sound of authentic instruments played by gifted musicians are exceptional. A variety of musicians and artists coming from different backgrounds make their contribution to this sound. Again, her double nationality and multi-languality (Dutch, Moroccan, French and English) are a part of her new sound and repertoire. This wide combination of influences makes her music globally accessible to an international audience. The stage performance of Hind Hakki is beautiful, intelligent, fragile and powerful at the same time. Her social awareness is in contrast with her streetwise attitude and confidence, a main part of every MC. Her live-shows are always in a relaxed flow, where no-nonsense things are said without being provocative or shocking. Presented with a passionate dedication to bring people together and unite them. The stage is her comfort zone, the venue her home and the audience her family.


HIND-3700 8mb